Three art dolls with human bodies in elaborate dresses and dinosaur heads
Three art dolls in a gassy field with woman doll heads with big flower headdresses and dinosaur bodies
Three art dolls with human bodies in elaborate asian-inspired kimonos and dinosaur heads
Four dinosaur human art dolls with human women heads with large flowers as hats and dinosaur bodies
Three dinosaur dolls with brontosaurus bodies and human doll heads

The Morphodonia Species

Morphodonians fall into four different tribal affiliations/physical representations. 


The first genus of Lucyopterus is thought to have hatched from deep within the remote Lavinium Rainforest. A reptilian body with wings and a human head, this species walks on all fours, and has a long neck for foraging. Elusive but reliable, “Lucy’s” play a vital role in rescue operations when air mobility is required for evacuations or to bring supplies. As a migratory species they have a diverse diet that varies with location, including both fish and insects as well as a weakness for exotic flower pollens. An uncanny ability to communicate with any and all species, the Lucy’s are the most evolved of the Morphodonians. 


Exact origin of the “Beatrix” is uncertain but they are likely the missing link between the synthesis of human and dinosaur hybridization characterizing the realm of Morphodonia. A bipedal dinosaur body with a human head, the Beatrix is thought to have adopted an agrarian lifestyle to insure a steady supply of their herbivore diet.  Straddling wild and domesticated traits and abilities, they use their strong hind legs and nimble sharp claws for planting and harvesting. Their primary habitat is fertile grassland prairies with nearby caves for them to reside in.  Proud and powerful, charismatic and gregarious, Beatrix’s are known for their elaborate flower headdresses and harvest time dance parties. 


Guardians of a crumbling technological and industrial infrastructure left from of a previous epoch, Dinotechs reside solely in urban environments tending to a seemingly infinite number of tweaks, upgrades, bug fixes and general malfunctions of a system they don’t know how to shake. With all the characteristics of human origin save for their dinosaur head. Fearing obsolescence, Dinotechs aim to be patient and good natured but are periodically downright cranky regarding the maintenance their machines require. 


The trans species breakthrough defining the realm of Morphodonia has resulted in a variety of  hybrids with specialized features and genetic modifications that maximize their particular oddities. Sometimes they will sprout an additional head or two to accommodate multiple identities. Others will manifest as insects with a multitude of arms to exercise a full range of potential activities. Others are simply different, bordering on shapeshifters. Hard to pin down.  Identified as neurodivergent thinkers, hybrids manifest their mental processes through playful experimentation, loved and respected for their unique perspectives, they are often consulted regarding special projects. 

The Morphodonia Dimention

Our Story

In a realm adjacent to ours evolution has gone wild and new species emerge.

The creatures of Morphodonia are anthropomorphic action figures made from upcycled toys. Morphodonia dolls are collectible art dolls. Each is handmade and hand crafted. Each of our current dolls are one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Due to the delicate nature of the exquisite artistic embellishments we do not recommend Morphodonia art dolls for children or pets. We hope to have child-friendly dolls in the future.

Our Story